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Bookings Dex Viihde Oy

fr 26.04.2024 Lappeenranta, Lappeenranta Metal Night

fr 07.06.2024 Joensuu, Utran Uittotupa
sa 08.06.2024 Parola, Wanha Apteekki
sa 15.06.2024 Oulu, TopRock Festit

fr 05.07.2024 Tampere, Tuhdimmat Tahdit
fr 26.07.2024 Kuopio, Kuopiorock

09 or 10.08.2024 Kouvola, Koria Roll

GIGS (10.12.2010)
Sa 19.02.2011 Rovaniemi, Ounashalli, Mad About Summer

NEW DVD (17.11.2010)
Kotiteollisuus will release a live 2 dvd set titled "Itärintama 2003-2010" on the 24th of November. The dvd is already available for pre-order, follow one of these links for details: LeykauppaÄx or Stupido-Shop

Kotiteollisuus will be one of the bands contributing to the Killing Joke tribute-cd that will be released on the 29th of September. The disc will be included as a bonus on the limited edition cd of Killing Joke's new studio disc but will probably also be available separately. The full tracklisting will be as follows:

1 The Wait - Metallica
2 Europe - Amen
3 Primitive - Helmet
4 Pssyche - Econoline Crush
5 Love Like Blood - Dead By April
6 Democracy (NIN Remix) - Killing Joke
7 Wardance - Mad Capsule Markets
8 Pssyche - Nouvelle Vague
9 Millennium - Fear Factory
10 Requiem - Foo Fighters
11 Pandemonium (Molotovin Cocktail Mix) - Kotiteollisuus

GIGS (11.8.2010)
Kotiteollisuus will be supporting Killing Joke at their Monday 11 October 2010 gig at Nosturi in Helsinki.

SOTAKOIRA (4.7.2010)
The band will appear as "Sotakoira" and
play cover song sets on the following dates:
14.7. Henry´s Pub Kuopio
15.7. Kassan baari Tikkala

YOUTUBE (1.7.2010)
Watch Kotiteollisuus videos on the official Kotiteollisuus YouTube-channel:

A live dvd is planned for autumn 2010 as well as the release of the Killing Joke tribute cd (featuring a cover of Pandemonium by Kotiteollisuus with new finnish language lyrics).

The band has been rehearsing and making demo recordings during June, there are now circa 20 new songs in the works some of which will eventually appear on the new Kotiteollisuus cd that will appear sometime during spring 2011.

PICTURES (29.6.2010)
Himosfestival 24.6.2010

WHAT*S GOING ON (16.5.2010)
The band is currently in the process of writing new material, hence the lack of live dates. The schedule at the moment is to record a demo in September and go in the studio in October but everything is still at planning stage.

Kotiteollisuus has already recorded one studio track earlier this year, a cover of "Pandemonium" by Killing Joke for possible use on an upcoming Killing Joke tribute-cd but but no release date has been set yet.

UPCOMING GIGS (15.5.2010)
The only concert appearances by the band this summer will be:
Th 24.06.2010 Jämsä, Himosfestival
Sa 10.07.2010 Turku, Ruisrock

GIGS (7.1.2010)
Easter tour dates:

Thu 01.04.2010 Valkeakoski, Waltikka
Fri 02.04.2010 Mikkeli, Vaakuna
Sat 03.04.2010 Jämsä, Himos Areena
Sun 04.04.2010 Lahti, Finlandiaklubi