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fr 26.04.2024 Lappeenranta, Lappeenranta Metal Night

fr 07.06.2024 Joensuu, Utran Uittotupa
sa 08.06.2024 Parola, Wanha Apteekki
sa 15.06.2024 Oulu, TopRock Festit

fr 05.07.2024 Tampere, Tuhdimmat Tahdit
fr 26.07.2024 Kuopio, Kuopiorock

09 or 10.08.2024 Kouvola, Koria Roll

TV (19.12.2007)
Watch the tv-ad for "Murheen mailla" (2mb, mov). Incase the ad puzzles you a word of explanation, it's a parody of a well-known finnish coffee ads series.

MURHEEN MAILLA (4.12.2007)
The new compilation cd now has it's own Mini-site. All of the text is in Finnish but you can find almost 150 (mostly) previously unpublished pictures under the link "Kuvat" and you can listen to their first demo cassette (from 1993) under the link "Demot". More demo recordings will be added soon.

NEW CD (7.11.2007)
A Kotiteollisuus career retrospective compilation cd is released today. The 3 cd digipak includes all of the ep & single A- & B-sides that the band has released (excluding live tracks) + one new track, "Valomerkki".

The cd can be ordered here:

TOUR ADDITION (22.10.2007)
One more gig added: 22.11.07 Kuopio, Puijonsarvi

CONCERTS (8.10.2007)
One more gig added. Radio Rock Finlandia 5.12. http://www.radiorock.fi/rockklubi/
The band will only perform a couple of songs, they play a full concert in Hämeenlinna later in the evening.

TOUR (15.9.2007)
New dates added.

BOOK NEWS (21.8.2007)
Kotiteollisuus singer / guitarist Jouni Hynynen has published his first book " Rakkaudella, Hynynen" ("Love, Hynynen"). Out now, but only available in finnish it's an anthology of various pieces of text written over the years for various websites and magazines.

CONCERT DATES (21.8.2007)
The summer tour is over. There are (a lot) more gigs planned for the fall but as of yet there are no confirmed dates.

EP (17.5.2007)
A new ep titled "Kummitusjuna" will be released 13.6.2007. The package includes an audio cd and a dvd. You can pre-order the set at:

CD tracklist:
1. Kummitusjuna
2. Kuolemajärvi
3. Veisu
4. Aamusta aamuun
5. Kielletyn puun hedelmä (live)
6. Murheen mailla (live)

The DVD will include the promo videos for Iankaikkinen & Kummitusjuna, also included will be a short "making of Kummitusjuna" documentary. The ep will be released in a limited edition only.

EVEN MORE DATES (14.5.2007)
Gig list again updated.

MORE DATES (9.5.2007)
6 additional dates added to the gig list.

CONCERT DATES (1.5.2007)
First batch of confirmed concert dates for the summer, more will follow.

LINK (16.4.2007)
A review of "Iankaikkinen", in English:

LINK (6.4.2007)
The new Kotiteollisuus video for "Kummitusjuna" is now available on Youtube.com for your viewing pleasure:

LINK (6.3.2007)
Pictures from Nosturi 24.2.2007 can be found at http://www.soderena.fi/kotiteollisuus.htm

LINK (6.3.2007)
Pictures from Tallin 23.2.2007:

SINGLE (27.2.2007)
Tuonelan koivut -cover art (Mika Vuoto - photography / Aki Scharin - design).

VIDEO & SINGLE (22.2.2007)
Kotiteollisuus has finished shooting a video for "Kummitusjuna", more information will follow.

A new cd single, "Tuonelan koivut", will be released 28.2.2007. In addition to the title track it includes the previously unreleased track "Viimeistä päivää" recorded during the sessions for "Iankaikkinen".

LINK (22.2.2007)
An interview given to Eestin Päevaleht (in Estonian): http://www.epl.ee/melu/375115

TOUR DATES AGAIN (30.1.2007)
More tourdates added.

LINKS (30.1.2007)
Some international links:

An interview in Estonian:

A German language interview:

Review & pictures of last years concerts in Helsinki featuring Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish, in German:
http://www.powermetal.de/content/konzert/show-1076.html ja kuvattu

And record reviews, again in German:

NEW LOOK (30.1.2007)
The Finnish language website got a facelift before christmas, now (slightly delayed) follows the english translation. Also 9 pages of photos added.

TOUR DATES (15.1.2007)
New dates for February 2007 added. A proper tour will begin mid March, dates TBA.