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fr 12.02.2016 Parkano, Stage Bar Parkano
sa 13.02.2016 Saarijärvi, Summassaari
fr 19.02.2016 Kuhmo, Hotelli Kainuu
sa 20.02.2016 Maaninka, Tavinpyrstö
fr 26.02.2016 Äänekoski, Bar Hurmos
sa 27.02.2016 Oulu, Nightclub Tähti

fr 04.03.2016 Mikkeli, Wilhelm
sa 05.03.2016 Helsinki, Pressa
fr 11.03.2016 Marttila, Kuokantalo
sa 12.03.2016 Lammi, Yökerho Hovi
fr 18.03.2016 Jämsä, Himos Areena
sa 19.03.2016 Rauma, Varastoklubi
fr 25.03.2016 Kuopio, Ilona
sa 26.03.2016 Laihia, Route

fr 01.04.2016 Lahti, Möysän Musaklubi
fr 08.04.2016 Lappeenranta, Old Cock
fr 15.04.2016 Turku, Venus Nightlife
sa 16.04.2016 Kauhajoki, Aronkeidas
fr 22.04.2016 Vantaa, Tulisuudelma
sa 23.04.2016 Eura, Osmantupa
fr 29.04.2016 Kouvola, House Of Rock Bar
sa 30.04.2016 Joensuu, Kerubi
NEW CD (3.12.2008)
The 10th Kotiteollisuus studio album is finished. Recording and mixing has been completed and the cd is currently being mastered. The cd will be released 18th of February 2009, preceding the album there will be a cd single issued at the end of January.

TV (3.12.2008)
The Radio Rock Finlandia will be televised. The concert takes place on Friday 5th od December, Kotiteollisuus will start their set at 18.30. A compilation of performances by all the various bands playing that day will be shown the same evening on channel 4 from 21.00 onwards. A re-broadcast follows on the same channel on Saturday at 14.00.

Kotiteollisuus will be appearing at Radio Rock Finlandia on the 5th of December 2008 at 18.20. Later that evening they will be playing their own headlining concert in Hämeenlinna.

The location of the gig on the 13th of December has been changed, instead of Ylläsjärvi the concert will take place at Puustelli in Nivala.

TOUR DATES (8.9.2008)
New fall / winter 2008 concert dates.

The broadcaster YLE confirmed that tomorrows live stream will also be available outside Finland. Kotiteollisuus is scheduled to play at 0.30 (local time):

LIVE STREAM (8.7.2008)
A live video stream of the upcoming concert at Ilosaarirock on friday the 11th of July will be available at this address:
Unlike many past broadcasts this one might be available to viewers outside Finland, I've asked YLE for confirmation.

NEW CD (27.6.2008)
A new Kotiteollisuus cd titled "Sotakoira" will be released on the 13th of August 2008. It's a collection of covers of songs originally done by various other Finnish bands. You can already pre-order the cd here:

Sometime in August Kotiteollisuus is scheduled to start recording new material for their next studio album proper that will (probably) see the light of day in early 2009.

GIGS (19.6.2008)
Yet again one more gig added: Friday 1.8.2008 Turku, DBTL

CORRECTION (25.5.2008)
Kotiteollisuus' apperance at Rabarock in Estonia will not take place Friday 13.6. like previously stated on this website. The actual correct date is Saturday 14.6.2008.

ONE MORE GIG (4.5.2008)
Saturday 2.8.2008 ANKKAROCK Vantaa added. Jouni Hynynen of Kotiteollisuus is also the official "mascot" of the 2008 edition of Ankkarock, check the website.

STILL MORE GIGS (7.4.2008)
04.07.2008 Rovaniemi, Simerock
05.07.2008 Tornio, Umpitunneli

MORE GIGS (5.4.2008)
Summer concerts

GIGS (28.1.2008)
"Kunnes kuolema meidät erottaa" (till death do us part) -spring tour 2008